Stella the Starfish is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s picture book.  “Stella” was born out of a bedtime story routine that the author enjoyed with his step-daughter, Sarah.  Together, they created this story about Stella the Starfish.  Stella lives with her parents and her two siblings in the sea.  Stella loves her family and her friends, and Stella loves to learn about new things at school.  When Stella is taught about all of the things that exist up on the shore, she is determined to see them for herself, despite her mother’s warnings about the humans and how mean they are to starfish.  Stella’s trip to the shore is adventurous, exciting and unforgettable.  But will it be everything she hoped it would be?

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This book is dedicated to Noble, Steel, Jacob, Andrew and, of course, Sarah, whose bedtime routine was responsible for finding Stella.

May you always be kind, bold, curious and full of wonder, and may the world always surprise you with its kindness and good fortune.